Building a Fun & Practical Wardrobe for Your Little One: A Mama’s Perspective

I am a lifestyle/motherhood influencer based in Houston, Texas. I cater to the everyday working mom, who is balancing it all from family, to home and work. I am a full time higher education professional by day, and entrepreneur/ digital influencer by night. I love inspiring moms to find joy in the small things. I share my ever evolving life as a mom raising a vivacious one year old.This post is sponsored by The William Carter Company; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I remember the days when I used to love buying myself new outfits. But once I became a mom, my priorities completely changed, and now I’ve found so much joy in buying outfits for my daughter Aria instead. As she continues to grow and get older, I want to make sure that she has a wardrobe that’s not only practical and affordable, but fun for her, too! I love mixing and matching her outfits and finding new clothing sets for every season.

Before Aria was born, we received so many Little Baby Basics pieces from Carter’s, which was a huge help when we quickly realized how fast our daughter would go through clothes. I loved that Carter’s carries a variety of clothes in bulk and is always affordable. Every three months or so, we found ourselves updating Aria’s wardrobe with new Little Baby Basics as she graduated to new sizes.

Once Aria became a toddler, I started to buy more outfits with fun characters on them. One of the many things we love about the Little Baby Basics line are the fun, colorful and happy characters and shapes that can be found on each piece.

My daughter is obsessed with reading. At 19 months, she has already started to recognize characters and make associations with the animals she sees in her story books. That’s why I chose the character sets from the Little Baby Basics line. I loved how each piece had a cute character that she could relate back to her story books. I chose the 3-Piece Frog Little Character Set, the 3-Piece Bear Little Character Set and the 3-Piece Rainbow Little Character Set because they’re all super-cute, colorful and happy.

For an extra element of fun, I love to dress my daughter up in her character sets during story time so that we can point out similarities between the characters in her books and the ones on her clothes. The look on her face when she lights up to say “bear” or “frog” fills my heart with so much joy. As a new mom, I cherish each one of those moments.

Carter’s Little Baby Basics have grown with our family and really allowed us to create such special memories with our daughter while building her a great wardrobe. I love that each piece is affordable, soft, cozy and fun, and that each set would make a wonderful baby shower gift, birthday party gift or milestone gift to celebrate the little ones in your life.

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