Baby Nursery Checklist: Must-Have Items for Expecting Parents

Are you expecting a new baby? Congratulations on your growing little one! Preparing for your new baby’s arrival should be a time for you to have some fun and make memories as you anticipate your baby’s birth. From decorating to filling your nursery with all the must-have nursery items, there’s plenty to do to keep busy before your due date arrives.

Once you’ve decorated and have your nursery set up, it’s time to stock your nursery. Carter’s and Skip Hop have all the items you’ll need, from clothing to diapering to bathtime and toys. Use this baby nursery checklist to help you get started.

Stock Up Your Baby’s Closet with Little Baby Basics

Carter’s Little Baby Basics collection has everything you’ll need to clothe your newborn, from soft and sweet sleepers to matching sets, bodysuits, pajamas and sleep gowns.

  • Our newborn starters, such as baby’s first outfit sets, teething bibs and diaper-changing essentials, ensure new parents have everything they need to welcome baby home.
  • The baby sleep shop has absolutely everything you need to keep baby warm and comfortable as they sleep. Sweet sleeper gowns make late-night diaper changes a breeze. Some styles include overlapping shoulders for easy over-the-head removal, and the foldover cuffs help protect baby’s face from scratches.
  • Our popular Sleep and Play just might be the most versatile baby clothing item there is. No need to change your baby before each new activity; the Sleep and Play is adorably designed so your little one will be in style at playtime, nap time or any time.
  • Carter’s bodysuits make the perfect starter piece for every newborn’s wardrobe. These best-selling bodysuits are made with the softest fabric and come in sleeveless, short- and long-sleeved styles so your little one will be comfortable no matter the season. Slip on a pair of coordinating pull-on pants to keep your little one’s legs warm on cooler days. Stock up with a multipack of bodysuits so you’ll have one for each new day.
  • Find baby bathtime essentials such as hooded terry robes, towels, washcloths and more in our baby bath shop.
  • Mix-and-match sets offer more versatility and fewer pieces taking up space in your little one’s closet. Our popular go-anywhere outfit sets come in a number colors and styles for baby boys and baby girls alike.
  • Just because your baby is a newborn doesn’t mean they don’t need toys! Be sure to pick up a few colorful toys, such as our musical light-up Rock-a-Mole Guitar or Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym, to stimulate your baby’s senses and keep them entertained.

Prepare for Diaper Duty

It’s not the most pleasant parenting duty, but changing diapers will be a skill you’ll soon be able to do in your sleep. Of course, having the right tools and supplies handy can make diaper changing even easier (and less messy!)

  • Our contoured wipe-clean changing pad is comfortably cushioned and includes a toy bar to help keep your baby happy while you change a dirty diaper. Sometimes changing diapers is a messy job, but this popular changing pad makes cleanup a breeze with its wipe-clean fabric.
  • Don’t fumble around in the dark looking for a fresh diaper and a package of wipes. Keep all of your diaper changing essentials at hand with our light-up diaper caddy. This organizer comes with a modular divider and four pockets to help you organize diapers, wipes and more.
  • Dirty diapers don’t smell like roses. Keep the stink out of your nursery with Skip Hop’s diaper pail. The streamlined pail features an odor-resistant bin and dual air-lock disposal system to trap smells in so your nursery always smells fresh. As an added bonus, the diaper pail includes a built-in storage section so you’ll always know where to find your diaper essentials.

Set Your Baby Up for Sleep

Creating a soothing and serene environment is key to help your baby sleep soundly, whether you’re at home or on the go.

  • Skip Hop’s Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother is multi-functional with a nightlight feature, moon and stars projection and a variety of sound options including white noise and lullabies. The Nightlight Soother also comes with a timer so it will automatically shut off at the designated time.
  • The innovative cry-activated soother automatically responds to your baby’s cries in the middle of the night and soothes your little one back to sleep with sweet songs, nature sounds or even your recorded voice. For older babies and toddlers, these soft soothers can be a huggable friend for your little one to cuddle with.
  • From playtime to sleep time, this expandable travel crib is a two-in-one solution for parents on the go. Simply unzip the sides to expand the crib by 60 percent for a roomy yet safe and enclosed play space for your baby. The travel crib comfortably accommodates babies up to 35 inches.

Encourage Developmental Milestones During Play Time

Playtime is essential for the development of your little one. A safe and comfortable play space is just what your little one needs to thrive as they develop sensory skills and physical strength.

  • An activity gym offers your baby multiple ways to play, including overhead play, tummy time, seated play or on a playmat. Various lights, activities and sounds stimulate your little one’s sensory development.
  • The Skip Hop Foldaway Jumper with rotating seat, and lights and music encourages exploration while your baby works on muscular development. The foldaway design makes it easy to stow away after play time, or to pack up and take it to grandma’s house.

Promote Relaxation with Bathtime

Bathtime can help your little one relax and unwind before bedtime and will quickly become a favorite part of your baby’s routine with these must-have bathtime essentials.

  • Moby Bathtime Collection: Make bathtime a breeze with the popular Moby whale-themed bath collection with products for your baby and you. The padded elbow rest and kneeler make it more comfortable for Mom or Dad to lean over the tub during bathtime. Other products in the collection include:
    • Moby Smart Sling tub with three stages for newborns up to 25 pounds
    • Corner bath toy organizer
    • Waterfall bath rinser to gently pour water over your little one
    • Showerhead to rinse off soap while keeping suds out of little eyes
    • Bath spout cover to help protect your baby’s head from bumping the water spout
    • Bath mat to help prevent slips and falls in the tub
  • Towels and robes: Dry off after bathtime with a super-soft terry towel, like this elephant towel complete with an embroidered face and 3D elephant features. Carter’s hooded robe with a wrap silhouette and button closure will help keep your baby snuggly and warm.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be parent or are shopping for a loved one, use this baby nursery checklist to help get baby’s nursery stocked with all the must-have items. From clothing to play time, sleep and more, this nursery essentials list is the perfect place to start when stocking your baby’s nursery.

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